I have to be honest with you…

We never intended to release any program like this…

But then we realized something…

We Need You to Hit $75k Months As Soon As Possible..

We Need You for This to Work For You.

We Need You To See Results… and like, really soon.


“Why does some random guy online need me to start seeing results?”

Well, you will see why in more vivid detail as you read on, but simply put it’s our business model.

While most programs attract ideal clients, we create them.

We know that when you see results from this exercise, you will join our other programs not because we are dangling a small piece of knowledge that you need, but because you’re ready to level up.

Our job is to get you an easy win by giving you a system you can use (like start today). From there you’ll see results, maybe even close a few clients and then we can chat about helping you scale (the right way).

It’s in our best interest as a business, for you to see immediate results from this resource and hit real, tangible results, whether it is:

– Having more content ideas than ever before.
– Killing writer’s block forever.
– Understanding your ideal prospects better than ever before.
– Waking up to an inbox full of messages from ideal prospects.
– Having your first stack of qualified appointments.
Closing your first client…
– Or even just waking up each day knowing you have the ability to generate any amount of content you desire and project your revenue for each week based on how many posts you need to publish.

However you define success, we want you to get it. No, we NEED you to see some results… and we want you to have control over your content prospecting before diving into the next step.


Rather than giving you the “what“, “why“, “where“, “who“… which just leaves you understanding the problem but with no tangible solution, we are going to actually show you “how“.

We won’t charge you $7k like most of our competitors do. Instead we will give you the foundation of our system, then hope you check-in later so we can hold you accountable to proceed to the next steps.

Sound good?

In fact, If you go through the 3-minute, 3-prompt system we have laid out, and don’t have complete unwavering certainty about the unlimited volume of laser-targeted, “hidden profit pockets” content you can now produce over the next year to generate clients. We will refund you (even though we are charging peanuts for this purely to ensure we create our own customers).

How’s that for confidence?


1 week after using this system, Aaron’s dog training company saw more engagement and leads. They had posted only sporadically before.

“Understand. This is NOT a Guideline, It’s an AI Sales System.”

Let’s be clear. This is not designed to be a basic guideline, this is a step by step system that anyone can follow. That means your mothers’ 2 best friends should be able to follow this system to start producing content (and appointments) within the next few days IF they put in the work.

Now, quick caveat before we begin: This system is was not made for you…

It was made for us. What we mean is that we did not quickly whip this up cos we wanted some of that course money everyone’s raving about…

We have actually been selfishly using this system ourselves over the past year and generated well over $100m+ doing exactly what I’m about to show you…

What’s even cooler is that we did this in a few hours, when it would normally take months or years.

Do I mean giving our VA’s scripts to just do grunt work… with scripts we already tested, where they just fill in templates.


I mean actually teaching them how to build this out from research to copywriting to offer creation.



$70m in Sales for a real estate client. Completely managed by our Virtual Assistant. Dw, the Click Funnels plaque is pending…

Crazy right? From research > offer creation > copywriting > testing > optimisation. All run by our Virtual Assistants.

Sparks a question…

Maybe even a challenge… that I want to throw your way…

Ready for it?

Here it is.

…If this system can take a Virtual Assistant (English as their second language)…

…to research, identify, validate and create messaging to generate $70m+ in sales from copywriting…

…What do you think it could do for you?

Yes, you.

The one who has:

– Read the sacred Russell Brunson Trilogy.
– Most likely been through one of the top 5 coaching programs online.
– Read more than 1 book on copywriting or watched trainings on YouTubeâ„¢.
– Most likely have set-up a Lead Form ad and charged a local business $1,200 + ad spend to manage.


The agency owner

The entrepreneur.

The master.

The digital marketing genius.

Someone with 2,3 maybe even 5 years plus experience in digital marketing.

Do you think you could use this system to confidently book some appointments or maybe even close a new client this week?

I’ll let you sit with that.

However, let’s dive in.

First off, I need to just address the obvious question I can feel bubbling over your brain right now.

This is the very question I knew you would ask while writing this sales page…

And that is…

“How is this different to any ‘organic mastery program’ Available?”

Is this like every standard organic mastery 7 figure agency scaling secrets quantum systems secrets attraction organic mastery course under the sun?

You know the ones we mean.

– Module on mindset and abundance
– How to map out your ‘dream client’
– How to create a group
– Post in groups using 10 ‘proven templates’ (that everyone who also bought that program has)
– Track on a Google sheet
– Check-in with our ‘accountability coach’
– The same 7 figure sales scripts we all have (slightly reworded).

$7k plz.

Our answer to this is no.

This system is not that.

As a matter of fact, we actually interviewed people who have been through every one of the main ‘top 5 coaching programs’ to see what they had to say about it.


Now, to be clear we aren’t trashing any of the other programs out there.

In fact, most of them do really work…
They are great.

but there are obstacles that stand in the way… that no one seemed to address so far.

Obstacles that MUST be overcome.

There are differences between those annoying stories people post about how they landed a $50k deal from one post…

And spamming the daylights out of groups until your fingers bleed from typing value posts with an empty calendar.

It’s these obstacles, that no course, program, mastermind or agency has really covered in the detail we are about to reveal…

…and they have especially not built a system around it.

It’s these obstacles, that we have used to build what is often referred to as a competitive moat.

And once you learn this system, you will be able to do the same.


Be Honest. Which ONE of these 8 Obstacles Are You Stuck On?

WARNING: Some of this will hit home… Especially if you have been an entrepreneur for More Than a Year.

Obstacle #1 – ‘The Perfect Group Myth’

Most programs will tell you how there are hundreds, even thousands of perfect groups out there.

Groups full to the brim of wealthy prospects in need of your solution eagerly waiting for a quick value post… so they can flock to your dm’s.

This is what we were lead to believe….

But in reality, this 1st obstacle is where people get stuck.

They spend more time trying to find the right prospect in groups and communities than they spend building an offer that will make any prospect the right prospect…

We call this a Customer Creation Offer

and you will see how it brings such results.

In fact, you are in a Customer Creation Offer right now 😉

Obstacle #2 – The ‘Semantic Stretch’ in Offer Creation

“What if there was an amazing opportunity where you could live life on YOUR terms?!”

I lost you, didn’t I?

I went from this:


To this:


Like a card castle in the wind, all the authority and positioning I created with you just collapsed.

Now what’s crazy is that once upon a time, saying such a phrase may have been groundbreaking.

“Live life on MY terms? No way!?”

But then everyone started saying it. It completely lost its power, its potency.

Immediately you think of a sleazy MMO or affiliate program, right?

The scientific explanation for this is called a ‘Semantic Stretch‘ and unfortunately, the same way you feel about the above is exactly how your prospects feel when they see a title like this: “I help X do Y without Z”.

Obstacle #3 – ‘Proven Swipe Files’ and Posting Templates

Do your posts look like these?



So do hundreds of others. Everyone is walking around with the same ‘10 proven posting templates’ spamming the life out of groups and acting like doctors diagnosing problems when no one asked.

The minute you walk into a new Facebookâ„¢ group and throw out a mission post, story post, or whatever post your coach tells you they tried… everyone knows what you’re up to.

Maybe it worked before, but just like a Semantic Stretch, all the precious Swipe Files and Posting Templates have started to lose their power.

2020 onwards, you need more than a few swipe files that everyone has access to…

What you need is a system to create high converting posts and content at scale… a system that you can teach others.

Which brings me to the next obstacle…


Obstacle #4 – ‘Profitable Niches’

If I had a penny for every person I have met who has been burnt by a Done For You Agency accelerator program…

I would almost have enough money to finally buy Traffic Secrets.

GAH! Go close.

Seriously though, it’s insane how many business owners we meet who fall into this same trap.

Every time the story is the same:

-They pay an outrageously large amount for a coaching program
-They get advised what niches are ‘profitable’, let’s say HVAC for example.
-All the students get advised to enter the same niche
-They are given scripts
-Everyone uses the same scripts across LinkedIn, Cold email, Facebook ads until the ‘secret niche’ is steam rolled and the business owners of that niche are begging you to remove them from your list.

(btw this is an actual real example)

Scripts only work well for the first 5, maybe 10 people that have them.

After that, every person who uses the script makes it less and less effective.

What you need is a framework. Something that you can optimise, adjust and re-use over and over.

It never loses its potency, only gets better.

Obstacle #5 – Trying to Scale a Skillset

Most programs will teach you a skill set.

You’ll learn how to position your offer, how to take sales calls…

How to choose a ‘profitable’ niche that everyone has already chosen.

But then what?

Could you take the system you have built out, hire 2 VA’s and have them learn this process in 2 weeks to duplicate results?

Better yet, could you teach this system to a group of commission-based app setters and have them generate their own leads out of thin air, without your involvement or your swipe files?

Probably not.

So how will you scale this skill?

For most, this is the biggest obstacle stopping them from scaling.

Systems beat skills any day of the week.

Organic outreach can be scalable, but not as a skillset.

Obstacle #6 – The Curse of Paid Traffic

“Ah man, I just need a few clients to get some money for ads and I’ll be good.”

Sound familiar?

This is going to hurt some people but not in a bad way, more like a great session at the gym… where you just feel sore but also good at the same time.

Okay ready?

Paid traffic is not a magic bullet.

I have seen paid ads ruin businesses.

Even when you are profitable with paid ads… chances are you’re still robbing yourself of identifying a truly lethal offer by skipping organic methods to validate it.

This will bite you later.

Let me explain this:

– You spend $300 and generate 30 leads.
– Out of 30 leads, you close 1 for $1500.
– You just spent $300 to make $1500 (whoa) – do you now have a license to print money with your offer? When is the SMMA course dropping bro?

Most would say heck yeah, let’s scale this winner.

In reality, the answer is a fat no.

Fact is if you speak to 30 people and only 1 person likes your offer… that is not a winner. That sucks.

Another person who does the research and validates their offer organically first, will run laps around your offer.

They will see key details that you never could.

They won’t play the numbers game, they will play the value game.

Then they will build a ‘self liquidating’ offer (I’ll explain later) which means their ads are paid for and they can spend 5x more than you to get a better quality audience.

By the time most have these gaps figured out, a self liquidating offer would have already taken the lion share of the market and addressed pain points you never could.

Remember, you could play Nickelback… and you could even blast it from a loud speaker.

Won’t change the lyrics or the husky voice of Chad Kruger…

Just the volume and the amount of people you reach.

Paid ads won’t fix a bad offer.

Obstacle #7 – Copywriting is Not Actually So Much About The Writing…

Try this exercise and think for 5 seconds at least about each word.

Russell Brunsen.
The taste of watermelon.
The definition of truth.

Notice how each word triggers a different feeling related to your thoughts?

Russell Brunsen might trigger memories of books you have read, even posts or people you have seen inside the Click Funnels groups on Facebookâ„¢…

The taste of watermelon, on the other hand, might bring up a memory of summertime or whenever you last tasted watermelon with your family or friends.

Now, when thinking about the definition of truth, your mind goes to a completely different place. It will likely pull from memories to create a definition of what truth is to you. Not search for some textbook definition.

Each memory feels different, right?

That is because our memory is less like a filing cabinet and more like velcro.

The memories, experiences, and emotions we have create these ‘loops’ and all it takes is one idea with enough ‘hooks’ for something to truly stick into our minds and take action.

This is actually called the ‘Velcro Theory of Memory’ and it was when I discovered this phenomenon, I spent less time trying to write like Hemingway and instead spent more time learning how to identify the ‘loops’ of my customer.

I then taught VA’s the same tactics… and even in the beginning, if their ads/posts were poorly spelt, it still generated ridiculous results. More than the competitor.

Why is this relevant? Well, great copywriting isn’t about sounding smart or even making great stories…

to be honest…contrary to what most copywriters teach, you don’t have to understand Stephen King’s ‘On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft’ to be a great copywriter…

Well not to make money at least…

Copywriting is about finding the biggest problems and desires of your prospect then creating targeted messaging to make something stick and take action.

That’s the ticket.

And guess what?

It’s not a skill that only you can do after doing your morning affirmations…

It’s something you can completely systemise and delegate.

Lightbulb yet? Got that ‘aha’ moment?

Let’s keep going.

Most programs teach you messaging and templates focused all around the presentation and the ‘writing’…

…but it’s actually understanding how to identify these ‘loops’ of the customer and reverse engineer hooks that make it all work.

There is a science behind why some well-written 1,000-word value posts completely flop in groups…

While some 10-word posts get 250 comments.

If nothing else, please remember: ‘copywriting is like velcro.

Obstacle #8 – People Never Learn Why Something Does Not Work

Can you honestly go through all your duds, look at the level of engagement, or the clicks to your ads then diagnose the exact problem?

Are you guilty of writing a story post then quickly deleting it after getting 3 likes and a comment from a family friend saying

“So true man, let’s catch up soon haha”? Well, then you’re only doing half the work.

Most programs give their students proven winning templates, they can fill out and see instant results absolutely guaranteed…if it flops then just post in another group.

What we do differently is provide frameworks to teach our students how to optimise. We then encourage them to fail and eventually, they see the patterns to win.

We call this GAP Optimisation.

Our theory (which we tested) is this:

When someone publishes a Facebookâ„¢ ad, writes a post or even sends an email to their list…

And it flops.

The someone on the other end still received it and read it.

It was not that your copy was so bad that it just imploded and no one ever saw it. In fact, it’s the opposite.

The way you wrote your copy attracted a specific type of person and the fact they never took action means that you did not give them what they needed to convert.

We call this ‘the gap’.

Identify that type of person, and you will be able to find the gap stopping them from taking action.

Example, right now this sales page was written mostly for what we call ‘a wanter’. This is someone who no matter how much social proof, accolades or Cameo videos with Mr Wonderful we create…

They still won’t take action.

They know it most likely works…
They know it makes total sense…

but they don’t think it can work for them. That’s the gap.

So our first priority should be focused on ‘How can we show it works for them in detail and create accountability’ not ‘how can we prove it works with more case studies’.

GAP Optimisation is a system that anyone can learn.

This is the magic dust that allows us to turn anyone into a master at generating leads. It’s teaching them optimisation, then setting them up to fail so they can win.

That’s our moat.



That’s how we felt, learning about these obstacles. Unfortunately, we did not have someone kindly show us like I just did….

Instead, we just wasted a tonne of time and money circling around trying to find the next master coach who would give us the magic key.

*spoiler: Here comes the sob story*

For real though, we were always looking for that new and improved way… The magic Facebookâ„¢ group we did not know about… The wording in our offer that we didn’t know existed… The proven swipe files and posting templates (that everyone was using).

But we never found it.

So, instead, we just ask-holed our way into oblivion, taking no action and following second-hand knowledge from everyone online who seemed to have some “FB street cred”.

But, then it happened… The breakthrough. We met someone who would change the course of our lives forever….he gave us what is only known as…

“The Answer”
Just kidding… We read books and failed a tonne.

Seriously, while everyone was circle-jerking in masterminds, we studied the fundamentals. We looked at the greatest copywriters of our time. We even teamed up with this guy to adapt age-old copywriting principles into a system anyone can learn.


  • Founder of 7 Figure Marketing Copy
  • Generated over $40m in sales from his sales copy
  • Behind clients such as Tai Lopez, Sam Ovens, Alex Becker, Mike Long. Adrian Morrison, Anthony Long and more

We partnered with this lady to make it so we could accomplish more in one day than most agency owners can in an entire week.


  • Built a $9m revenue company under 5 years, with over 250 staff
  • Wrote 4 successful books and sold over 300,000 copies
  • Featured on Ellen, Good Morning America, E!, The Today Show, Billboard, NY Times, LA Times, Huffington Post and numerous TEDX Talks
  • ​Sophie is the only person I know who has done it all… but actually by doing less.
  • ​She has been an integral part in helping us build PDOCS to be the hyper productive beast it is today.

Heck, I even learnt how to read 3x faster by doing Peripheral eye exercises so I could read more than my competitor.

We did the hard work… Then, we just failed forward. It took us over $100k and years of our lives to figure this out. I got dumped six times. SIX. And it will likely cost you the same… if not more. But. You will get there. If you give it your all, you will find a way.

If you’re driven and focused, the question is never IF… but when will you figure this out? (This is where we illustrate the cost of doing nothing btw)

No, but seriously. It’s just how it is. There is no magic wand to make this work. There is no software or ‘tool kit.’ And quite frankly, there is no magic niche that won’t require you to work your butt off. You can go into Chiropractors, HVAC, Real Estate, Beauty Spas, literally whatever SMMA you want. Niche your face off. But you will still have to work hard. So, there is no answer. No magic workaround. Not the feel-good story you were hoping for? Well, here is what there is.

Systems. Frameworks. Accountability. And that is what we are offering. Better yet, we are not going to teach you a skill that makes the business only about you, making you the biggest bottleneck. Instead, we are going to give you a system to learn, then teach someone else. Then build a team, so that they can teach someone else. Then from that, you can scale. Sound good?

Alright, enough messing around. I think you get the point. Let’s get into this system that cost us so much time and money to create.

Introducing the

PDOCSâ„¢ Outreach Method

The last Organic Outreach Program you Will ever Need to Crush prospecting.


Wait – what’s that.

What in the world is a ‘PDOCS’?

This is an acronym that stands for ‘Problems, Desires, Obstacles, Common Beliefs and Steroids’.

A simple yet potent acronym.

This was how we taught virtual assistants and anyone who never wrote a line of copy to write better than 99% of copywriters out there.

It’s how we built commission-based appointment setting teams who could generate leads on their own.

We didn’t train them to become better writers.

We just systematically knew how to identify pain points and craft messaging better than anyone.

Once we learnt how to identify the loops, we just reverse engineered the hooks.

Whether it was posting in groups, Facebook ads, Cold emails, Linkedin…


In fact, to prove the system works outside of our internal systems, we gave a group of people the chance to give it a try over a 2-week period.

Here is what they had to say:


What Our Students Have To Say:















“Well Adam, that all sounds fine and dandy, but how can this actually help me”

This is the part here we show you exactly how it works AND how you will be able to use it…and rather than the classic value stack where we make up prices, I’ll just value in at what how much it has saved others.


The Simple ‘How Hero’ Method We Use to Book 4-8 Appointments per Day without an Offer or Avatar Fleshed Out.

I know you’re conditioned to spend 20+ hours researching and refining the perfect irresistible offer and avatar (but hear me out). The BEST possible way to build, research, and validate an offer is by speaking to prospects.

We are going to show you how to generate up to 4+ appointments per day by using a painfully simple exercise. Often from this exercise alone, we have seen people close high-ticket clients. It’s a simple, repeatable method that you (or anyone on your team can do). It’s designed for over-thinkers to see results almost instantly.

When you have 5-8 prospects busting down your door to hear how you can help them THEN you may start work on your offer refinement.

The BEST possible way to build, research and validate an offer is by speaking to prospects.

We are going to show you how to generate up to 4+ appointments per day by using a painfully simple exercise. Often from this exercise alone, we have seen people close high ticket clients.

It’s a simple, repeatable method that you (or anyone on your team can do). It’s designed for over-thinkers to see results almost instantly.

When you have 5-8 prospects busting down your door to hear how you can help them THEN you may start work on your offer refinement.


The PDOCSâ„¢ Method we Use to Quickly Identify the Deepest Hidden Pains and Desires of Your Prospects.

80% of making this whole thing work is about learning how to identify pains, desires, obstacles, common beliefs and steroids then create hyper targeted messaging.

We are going to show you the exact research method and complete SOP we use to do this.

This has been taught to over 500 people, including powerhouse agencies generating 7-8 figures, Virtual Assistants and even people just getting started.

The system works. After learning PDOCSâ„¢, you will have the knowledge and system to use over and over to create high converting offers, scripts, posts, ads, emails. Whatever you want.

It’s a fundamental that has allowed us to turn anyone into a master in persuasion.


The ‘CCO’ Method We Use to Create Our Own Customers and Close 70% of Prospects.

Another scary concept we want to introduce is how to ‘broaden’ your offer to widen the pool of potential prospects.

Do we mean approach every niche under the sun? No.

Often people just focus on ‘problem-solution’ aware audience that are just price shopping and actively looking for help.

We will show you how you can design offers that attract people who are not even aware of the problem, then turn them into customers, allowing you to close 60-70% of high ticket prospects.


The EAACO Scripts Framework We Use to Turn Ice Cold Prospects into Buyers within 48 Hours or Less.

“Didn’t you just say not to use scripts”

I did.

This is a framework we use to create scripts. Once you understand how this works, you will know exactly what to do and what to say.

Using this framework you will even be able to create your own scripts, and pass them down to a commission-based appointment setting team who will go out and generate then close their own leads.


Brutal Accountability Group to Make Sure This Works for You with No Excuses.

This is an accountability group, we have set-up with assigned coaches and advisors who will literally force you to succeed using this program.

No we don’t throw you in a Facebookâ„¢ group where we make 1-2 posts a week and the rest you figure out.

This is daily accountability, next actions, trouble shooting and follow-up.

We have set this up to ensure with complete unwavering certainty that you get results.

This is a $47 offer but with a $7k+ level of treatment.

We want you to succeed.


Yes, we put our money where our mouth is

100+ satisfied students can’t be a coincidence…

30 Day Money Back Guarantee


If you action out exactly what you give you, work with your assigned coach and still don’t see tangible results… You can have a full refund.

So, what is stopping you?

Click Here To Get Instant Access >

>>> Click Here To Add This For Only $47! <<<


PS: for those who skipped to the end

We are going to give you everything you need to go out and generate your first few clients completely organically. In fact after this program, our hope is that you never buy another online course again. The PDOCSâ„¢ Method is a customer outreach system designed to get results, extremely fast. We have generated over $100m for our clients using this, and that includes training Virtual Assistants (English as their second language) to use the system to generate 4+ appointments every single day. Unlike any other program/course/system, we don’t just give the what, why, where but the how. This is completely over-the-shoulder training with added accountability and coaching to ensure with complete unwavering certainty that you get results. Rather than just giving you some scripts, templates and throwing you in a group with dozens of other clueless people, we are going to do the following.


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