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  • Only Ethical Strategies Used
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Why Use Maxed AI's "Free Until You Rank" GBP Service?


By providing your phone number, you agree to receive text messages from MAXED AI.  Message and data rates may apply.  Message frequency varies.  We will not share or trade online information that you provide us (including e-mail addresses and phone numbers).

Need Proof?

Shane Is Getting The Best Numbers Ever From Our Ads

6 Appts Booked In 36 Hours :)

8 booked appointments

$35K Profit On First Deal Within Weeks of Starting Our Marketing Program

$35,000 profit deal within weeks

Contractor Scaling to $100K/mo in His First Year of Business!

Mission is $100k/month

High Quality Leads Rolling In!

Higher quality leads than the "other guys"

Nearing $1M/mo Profitably Spent On Google Ads On Behalf Of Our Clients & Partners

Nearly $1M in ad spend

Quality Leads Are Getting Luke Back On Track For His Revenue Goals👇

Leads Flowing In!

Leads rolling in

$3.6M Commercial bid within weeks of starting!

Big revenue from ads

$18K Deal Closed on the 2nd Lead!

Signed deal from 2nd lead

$40,000 Job From Our Ads

$40,000+ job from ads

How Does This Work?

Strategies and tactics will change based on what is working or working better for your particular business. This is not a one size fits all solution.

We do everything possible, using only ethical strategies that work, to rank you up into the 3 pack. Please know that we will not discuss any of the secret methods used to rank your business up – just know that these methods really work.

For approval, you MUST meet these guidelines:

Frequently Asked Questions

The address must be visible on the GBP. Service area based profiles are not eligible.

No, you owe nothing while we are ranking the first keyword in the map pack. Payments will begin after we rank one keyword.

Since we are trying to rank you as fast as possible, we don’t hold back. You could start ranking in as little as 3 to 4 weeks. For more competitive areas it can take up to a few months.  It’s free the whole time.

If you are paying and decide to stop the services, you own what you paid for.  If we rank you and you don’t pay for the services, we simply remove offsite methods that we used to rank you and utilize the properties for another client.

Cost is based on the population you are in and the industry.

No we don’t have any contracts.

1. it helps us rank you much faster and 2. if we rank you and you aren’t getting clicks, it will eventually derank you due to no one clicking your gbp. You also won’t get calls if you have a bad rating or not enough reviews. Who would you call, a person with thousands of 5 star reviews or a gbp with 25 reviews?

Stock photos no longer work and can hurt your GBP. If you struggle to get images, just take 50 of the same job, but move to the right a few inches. It’s a unique image and helps us a lot, so we have them to utilize.

Why get this??

  • Risk-Free Engagement: You only pay once results are visible.  This reduces your risk, so you don’t have to pay for months waiting to get results.

    Start getting leads and making money… on our dime!!  Then pay us out of that!  If that’s not appealing, then what is??

    We understand if you’re hesitant to invest in SEO without guaranteed outcomes.  That’s why we’re providing this one-of-a-kind service.

  • Trust: We have testimonials and case studies that demonstrate our reliability and effectiveness – see maps above for living proof.  Our approach is trustworthy and results-driven.

  • Evaporate Your Skepticism: If you’re a business owner or franchise who has been previously disappointed by SEO services, we show what a real SEO company looks like.

  • Value: Paying after results not only ensures satisfaction but often results in better service quality.  This model motivates our team to deliver quickly and efficiently.

  • Competitive Pricing: Our pricing is competitive and becomes extremely cost-effective once you see the tangible benefits.

  • No-Loss Scenario: “Free Until You Rank” and “Don’t Pay Until You Are Ranking in Google”… These are powerful assurances that no other SEO company offers.  We’re putting our money into your business up front.

  • Real-World Numbers: Let’s show you how you can profit, using your sales figures.  You won’t pay until you begin seeing real results.  So, let’s find out what the monthly sales figure is to break even on an SEO campaign.  Give us your average ticket price or product price that you wish to sell the most of, as well as your bottom line after costs, and we’ll calculate these numbers for you.

After You Rank Pricing

Our terms and pricing are simple – the guarantee is we rank ONE of your high-comp keywords. 

You give us a list, we rank one keyword, minimum, in the top 3-pack.

THEN you pay: $1500 a month for low-competition (10+ keywords at a time)
$2000 a month for mid-competition (10+ keywords at a time)
$3000 a month for mid-high competition (10+ keywords at a time)

NOTE: For the top 10 populated cities – you must send over the GBP so we can look at the exact city and industry before approving you for this program.


The Difference in 4 Star and 5 Star Writing

The main difference is going to be the time we take to write the article. The longer we take, the more research we complete on the subject, which in turn means the article will be a bit more in-depth. The same writers will be writing both 4 and 5 star articles, and both maintain high grammatical standards.

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